Saturday, July 25, 2015

Zinthaefner Finds

Spiel + Freizeit Zinthaefner in Ludwigsburg is my favorite shopping stop whenever I'm in the area. They are the last real toy store left in town, and for good reason. The in-stock selection is superb throughout the store, and of course I could spend an hour in the model train department alone.
Well, I did spend an hour in the model train department mostly browsing the wide selection of building and accessory kits from Kibri, Faller, Auhagen, Busch, Vollmer, ... I could do the same online and prices might be a bit cheaper, but nothing beats seeing the real thing.

When I left, my bag was filled with some goodies:
Kibri's WLZ storage building and a conveyor set, Faller's sanding tower, as well as a few Preiser figures, and Vollmer tile roof sheets. 

The WLZ building is planned to replace the freight shed I built a few years ago, currently acting as a stand-in for Meyer Landhandel in Talheim. The shed turned out to be too small to be believable as a freight house in Emsingen, and has the same problem in Talheim. The WLZ building, while still a bit underscale, should have more presence in the scene.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Monday, July 06, 2015

"Hard Discount"

The E. Leclerc supermarket in St. Pierre d'Oleron was the closest major super market from our vacation home. Conveniently, they offer French lessons for the tourists.

Although, ... I never heard the term "hard discount" before. Must be a UK thing, maybe?