Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Rebuilding Chef

Chef is old and needs a rebuild, and it's raid volume has issues. I chose to rebuild Chef with Debian stable. Chef is a server and as such I don't want much updates for it. Since it's no longer doubling as my firewall, I'm more comfortable with this as well. I trust Linux software raid more than RaidFrame.

postfix - DONE
spamassassin (spamd.conf) - DONE, looks good
apache2 (tested, data transfered) - DONE
dovecot (installed, configured) - DONE
apcupsd (not started)
mrtg (installed, unconfigured)
nagios (not started)
snmpd (installe, configured, running) - DONE
smbd/nmbd - DONE
nfs exports - DONE
raid (one half of mirror installed until I migrate mythtv to 500GB)
webalizer (not started)
sensors (started, missing drivers)

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