Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm on the map

A little while ago Streetview did a gimmick to celebrate their one year anniversary. They did a special photo shoot of the Google campus with Googlers lined up along the street. It was quite some festive atmosphere.

I'm on two shots. One on Charleston Rd. I'm to the right of the guy in the black pullover raising both arms.

The other shot is on Amphitheatre Parkway. I'm a little bit to the left of that no parking sign on the street.

How did I manage to be on two shots? The Streetview car with the cameras was driving down Charleston Road to Rengstorff and Amphitheatre Pkwy, then headed towards Shoreline Amphitheatre. Between Charleston Rd and Amphitheatre Parkway is Charleston Park. As soon as the car passed, a whole bunch of us ran to the other side of the park and waited for the car to show up again. It was much slower than expected, so we could have walked leisurely over and still made it...

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