Monday, October 20, 2008

Coffeetable - take 2

It turns out the proportions of the first try felt right only when making the table a mere 10 inches high. That didn't quite work. I need the coffee table to be about 18 inches high, and stretching the legs looked really bad. I don't want the table to grow too big, and found a nicely sized glass tabletop at IKEA. The Granas coffee table has just the right size. ... and it's cheaper than buying just a glass tabletop at a local shop.

Here is my second try. I made the box for the layout slightly higher, so that I can fit drawer, landscaping, buildings, and other items under the glass. I think the new foot arrangement makes the table less bulky, and it should work well in our living room.

1 comment:

Leo said...

This looks actually really nice!
The new foot makes it more elegant.