Sunday, April 10, 2011


Yep, there's been very little progress on the layout lately. Work kept me busy, and the weekends are chock-full with non-modelling activities.

I did manage to build a new panel for Emsingen that should be more straight-forward to use than the old one. Now, if only I could convince the SRC16 decoder to actually talk to LocoNet, so that the push-button actions actually show up as switch commands to the command station... Team Digital's support is very responsive, but we haven't gotten to the bottom of this yet.

Out of frustration dealing with electronics the last few evenings I worked on the layout, tonight I added a platform edge to Emsingen's track 2, as well as built the styrofoam core for tracks 1,  and 1a. Styrofoam is a messy material to use for this, but it's what I had on hand for track 2, so I used it for track 1 as well.

The access hatch under the Emsingen station building is starting to become tight. This was always meant for emergencies only, but turned out to be convenient when I have visitors so I can get out of the way, as well as for working on the engine servicing facility.
I'm pretty sure I'll build the town of Emsingen off-layout, once I have a basic support frame in place, since that corner is harder to reach than I expected.

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