Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Elvira having fun running a passenger local
Elvira stopped by the train room yesterday evening. We chatted a bit, and as usual with visitors, I handed her a throttle to run a passenger train. She seemed to enjoyed it, so I ran a couple more trains in addition to keep traffic up and make it more interesting. She still enjoyed it apparently.

Alrighty then, ... let's try switching: "Here's a short freight train in Emsingen, run it down to Talheim, drop the cars at this, this, and that location, pick up the other cars and come back to Emsingen."
That was a nice little brainteaser puzzle, and she managed it perfectly.

Well done! :-)

Couple things I noticed while doing this:
  • The new local panel in Emsingen works well. I need to build a similar panel for Talheim. 
  • The cheapo push buttons are not so great, though. 
  • The Talheim panel needs LEDs for reporting which way switches are set.
  • There are a few dead spots in the less used industry leads due to dirty track.
  • Talheim Track 2 is commonly used for temporary car storage while switching. I need more experience how badly this affects traffic flow through Talheim and whether that is acceptable. Otherwise, I need to consider adding another track for working the Talheim industries, though there really isn't any space.

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