Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I cleaned up the remaining mess from the 63400 testing. All systems are back to go, ... well, with the exception of the Talheim panel. The push buttons are in, plus some LEDs, electronics hooked up, too.

I'm now writing the routing logic in JMRI to get two-button routes. I.e. the way it works is that the operator presses one route button on the panel to start the route. Then another route button for the end of the route, and JMRI will align the switches (and later semaphore signals) accordingly. Since Talheim has tracks going into 5 directions there's no way to use the more regular way to control turnout ladders with a single button per route.

Some of the cheap push-button switches I use are already breaking, partly because I need to be really careful when soldering wires to the connectors, since the casing is plastic and easily melts, displacing the contacts inside. So annoying.
Does anyone have a source for reliable push-button switches that don't cost the world? The ones I use right now are similar to these.

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