Friday, February 17, 2012

Emsingen northbound semaphores

The northbound exit signals in Emsingen are now fully functional, including turnout routing via JMRI. I mounted the semaphores a few days ago, and connected wiring tonight.

In other news, I discovered that large locomotives (electrics with 3 axles per truck, or a steamer) derail on the entry turnout to stub-ended staging. The loco climbs up while taking the curve, so it appears the turnout is out of gauge. Sigh. I thought I was done with surgery in that corner of the layout.

Upcoming and ongoing projects:

  • Fix stub-ended staging turnout ladder
  • digitize and fix a couple locomotives (railbus/Schienenbus, BR141, BR194)
  • add a 4th track to Emsingen yard
  • scenery, trees, and shrubs around south portal of Hochwaldtunnel
  • Hochwald trees and scenery. How do I make forest ground?
  • build and try out the grassinator

Not even mentioning building Werner & Soehne machine factory, the Lokstation, or the town of Emsingen, nor the stations in Emsingen and Talheim...

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