Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nice job, 788

Whenever I fly with United, I enjoy listening to the communication with the air traffic controllers on channel 9.

While waiting for today's flight from San Francisco to Boston, I noticed already that the airport was very busy. Lots of planes moving about on their way to and from their parking positions.
Eventually it was our turn for departure, pushed back, and after some taxing lined up on runway 1R ready for departure.

Arrival traffic was super-busy. The controller was talking non-stop, arriving planes were talking over each other…

"One after the other, please" - SFO Tower

Every 45 seconds or so a plane was announcing visual of the bridge and the runway, indicating they are in final approach. Both arrival runways in operation.
I was thinking we're going to sit here for a while, when the tower advised our pilot that there'll be an opening soon.

"United 788. I'll let you out in a little bit. No delay!" - SFO Tower

and a short time later:

"United 788. Cleared for takeoff." - SFO Tower

Immediately, the engines reved up and we started moving. … I looked out the window to the right as we crossed runways 28 and could easily make out 7 planes lined up for landing. One of them really low and obviously close to the runway.

Soon after we went airborne.

"United 788. Nice job!" - SFO Tower
I'm on my way to Boston. Again.

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Robert Bowdidge said...

Air traffic controllers call that a "string of pearls" when you can see multiple aircraft lined up on final.