Friday, June 28, 2013

More experiments in Emsingen town

Last night I continued working on Faller's "Dorfschmiede" (1903961, black smith). The kit is a bit fidgety, and has more small parts than I expected. Some filing, filling, pushing and shoving is needed to make everything fit neatly, though the parts fit much better than Vollmer's "Alte Feuerwehrwache". Can't really blame them. There are 20 years or so between those two kits.

Either way, at the end of the evening I put the half-finished building into the town arrangement for Emsingen. Works quite nicely.

Here's an overview shot. The town of Emsingen develops to the left. The old city center is in the middle of the photo. I'm planning to add a market square with a small fountain in front of the city call. With some selective compression, to the right the town peters out towards the forest. I may, or may not, keep the bungalow on the far right. Some rich guy plastered his family home on the edge of town ... or, I'll put a small barn and/or an apple orchard there instead.

On to finishing up the black smith house ...

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