Saturday, July 26, 2014

Started work on roundhouse floor

The floor of the Faller roundhouse kit is made so that any kind of common HO track fits in, which means if you do that, you have regular track inside the roundhouse surrounded by concrete floor. I felt I could do a bit better than this, and started to glue thin styrene strip on the track to hide the ties and other roadbed detail. The middle contacts of Maerklin track are not helpful here, but I used the NWSL Chopper to quickly produce a supply of stryrene bits that fit perfectly between two contacts.

Work in progress
The first track is almost done.
With some paint and weathering I should be able to do a reasonable job hiding the middle contacts. I will experiment with creating a simulated inspection pit by painting some of the styrene between the rails pitch black. You can see into the roundhouse only through the doors. Will see how this works out.

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