Sunday, February 15, 2015

BRAWA 0485 Koef II 323 874-8

I have a weakness for the diminutive Koef II locomotives. Wikipedia has some nice background on them.

This specific BRAWA model of a modernized Koef II has been in its box for many years. I took it out tonight to measure the inside of the cab for dimensions of a decoder I could put in there. While I failed doing that because I couldn't get the roof off as the instructions say, I used the opportunity and took some photos.

The model has no head or tail lights. Warm-white LEDs in a tiny form-factor were not yet a thing back in the 80's when I got this model as a Christmas present. The cab is filled with a comparatively bulky relais required for changing direction on Maerklin tracks.

I do remember that it wasn't a great runner due to its stiff axle arrangement and short wheel base.

The loco is so short that the Maerklin-typical pick-up shoe barely fits under the locomotive.

Koef II arrives in Talheim with a transfer
Update March 1st, 2015:
I figured out how to get the roof off.

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