Saturday, June 06, 2015

Hallelujah Papermill: Finished Paper Warehouse installed

I moved the warehouse spur a bit towards the back drop, and the paper warehouse is now set in place in South Hallelujah at Silicon Valley Lines with sufficient clearance to the adjacent track. I spent a good part of the evening to get the remaining Tortoise turnout motors completed and installed, which was made considerably easier with Jeff's help and guidance in positioning.

Having the warehouse in place, it reminded me again just how big this industry really is. I rarely see this kind of setup on model railroads where the rail cars are dominated by the industry buildings around them especially in HO.
The box between the plant office and the warehouse will be some kind of operations building, e.g. a maintenance shop. That could be interesting to build.

The plan is to work my way to the right towards the wood yard and build the various buildings, storage tanks, and connecting infrastructure. Then do a second pass with detailing and scenery. Next up will probably be the paper making building in the background.

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