Friday, November 20, 2015

Emsingen Nebengebaeude prototyping

The main station building in Emsingen, based on a prototype building in Trossingen, is rather ornate and fancy. I've kit-bashed the shed on the northside of the station building, and I've been on the lookout for a bland outbuilding ("Nebengebaeude") that would contain restrooms as well as a couple storage rooms for lamps and heating wood. Since I model the Black Forest area, I wanted the building to have a typical Wuerttemberg look. One version of Faller's excellent "Gueglingen" station kit comes with such an outbuilding, but I didn't have a good example to work from.

While searching the Google for plans, photos, footprints, etc. for such building I came across Godwin T. Petermann's site on cardboard modelling. Godwin did ten years ago what I'm still planning to do: Go to the Staatsarchiv in Ludwigsburg and look up the original building plans. What's really cool is that he made various cardboard models from what he found in the archives. The Dettingen building on the web site is quite similar to what I had in mind. Even better, the site has a simplified version of the anxiliary building in Endingen for download, so I printed that, and a few minutes later, a paper outbuilding went up next to the station building.

Errrrm, ... yeah, that's too big. Back to the printer, try again, and build a shortened version that only has the urinals, toilets, and two small storage rooms. There is a floor plan on the gtp Web site, which makes it easy to see the purpose of each door.

Much better. It fits well in the space I have for it, and goes with the flow of the station area. This looks like a viable option with the right dimensions to use as basis for scratch-building a region-appropriate, believable outbuilding. Let's see how that goes...

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