Sunday, April 10, 2016

Welztalbahn: Loading Ramp for Emsingen (part 2)

This weekend I continued adapting Dave's loading ramp structure for the freight area in Emsingen. I started out by dressing the laser-cut wood sub-structure in Heki walls, both to give the sides more structure, and to widen the ramp a bit.

Next came the fun part. After marking the location on the layout, I used the circular saw attachment for the Dremel tool to cut the hardboard, and then remove the glued down board with hammer and chisel. A very weird feeling to attack the layout like that, right next to signals and track...

Some minor adjustments in the hole, and the ramp fits ok next to the track with no clearance issues. 

I mocked up the surface and edges. The ramp sits about a millimeter too low, but that can be easily fixed during installation if needed.

I cut the plaster deck from an Auhagen sheet, and made the edges from Evergreen 0.060x0.080 styrene strips. The Auhagen sheets can be seamlessy extended in any direction with no ugly gaps.

With some prodding and artful slicing in the back, I bent the plastic sheet into the proper shape and glued the assembly to the sub-structure with canopy glue.

One more test. Looks pretty good already. Painting is next.

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