Saturday, May 27, 2017

FREMO N-RE at Waiblingen meet

While the FiNescale modules took up a lot of space in the gym, there was plenty of space for the N-RE arrangement, too. N-RE is more prototype operations-focused with more or less unmodified rolling stock. I originally planned to spend the afternoon with that group. However, due to a shortage of operators on the FiNescale side, I stuck with FiNescale for running trains. 

Mariensee station with the line schedule. Pretty busy.
Kaltental is a nicely done module with great scenery

There was an abundance of little scenes in fantastic detail.

Keeping paperwork organized is even more important in N than in HO, since recovery from a dropped back of cards, or cards that are not kept in sequence with the cars, will require quality time with a magnifying glass...

Only when I went through my photos the next day did I realize that I didn't take any photos of the ingenious movable flextrack bridges used in several staging yards on the layout. The Alternative is the more traditional staging yard with turnouts and a turntable at the end.

V60 is taking a break in Mariensee
Afternoon sun on the N-RE arrangement

Model railroaders get hungry, too, so a yummy vegetarian buffet was organized for dinner and we finished the day with chatting and exchange of ideas over food and beer.

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