Saturday, November 04, 2017


By way of a recent Ebay purchase, this Buchfahrplan from Summer 1971 found its way to me. Among several routes north-east of Stuttgart it covers all traffic on the Murrbahn in my chosen time frame. Digging through the schedule tables it confirms that in 1971 there was still regular steam operation on the line, usually with classes 23 and 50.

Between Backnang and Stuttgart (and Kornwestheim) trains usually ran with Diesel locomotives (classes 211, 215, and 221), or electrics (classes 141 and 144). Diesel rail cars (class 795) were used for passenger runs outside commute hours. All steam-powered trains changed locomotives in Backnang, since Stuttgart Hbf was declared "smoke free" in the mid-1960's.

There were various transfer runs from Backnang to nearby stations, too.

Plus, several local and through freight trains from Nuremberg / Crailsheim to Kornwestheim / Untertuerkheim, though most of the trains to Kornwestheim went via Heilbronn.

I have copies of the respective schedules from 1968, too. It appears not much has changed three years later. Either way, there is plenty of inspiration here for an operations-oriented model railroad. Now I just need to plan and build it ... Hah! That might take a while ...

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