Saturday, February 03, 2018


Time for a quick shopping trip in Stuttgart. I used the opportunity to take a couple photos.

Friedrich Schiller
While the others went to store nearby, I went to the Stiftskirche for some inspiration. This church was heavily damaged during World War II, rebuilt right after the war, and remodeled a few years ago.

Due to the heavy war damage and the recent reconstruction, it has a distinct modern flavor, combining building elements hundreds of years old with modern art and construction.

This is the church where the earls and dukes of Wuerttemberg were buried since 1265. Here's Graf Eberhard I. der Erlauchte, who appears to be having a jolly good time.

Schiller's greeting me up the street between Fruchtkasten and Stiftskirche. Hey man, nice to see you again.

Near Rathausplatz there was this cool construction fence ad for an upcoming kitchen store re-opening.

First mix the concrete,
then fold in the beaten egg white!
Today is a farmers market at the Old Palace (Altes Schloss).

We had lunch next door at Alte Kanzlei and got a very nice table at the window with a view of the Schlossplatz.

Appropriately, I ordered Maultaschen mit Ei, a Swabian specialty. Yum!

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