Sunday, October 18, 2020

Zugschlusssignal (2)

A week ago I showed an actual prototype Zugschlusssignal ("end of train signal"). Here's the HO version attached to a short train leaving Emsingen.

The effect is very subtle, but significantly increases realism. Making these is an extremely fiddly task. I hope to get better at it with more practice. The etching is from The etched parts need to be folded and painted. To mount on a car, the part merely gets hung over the buffers and pushed towards the car body. That makes the mount pretty much disappears from view as it lines up with the black running gear of the car. Painting the red and white signal cleanly is difficult. Even though the signal has etched paint guides and I'm using a toothpick instead of a brush, my painting accuracy needs more work. There's plenty of opportunity to practice: I have 20 parts, with 2 signals each, front and back, so I'll need to paint 80 signals... I should have ordered the decal sheet.

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