Monday, April 19, 2021

Coos Bay Rail Link (CBRL) North Bend

CBRL 1909, a GP30, tied down in North Bend

The Port of Coos Bay purchased 134 miles of rail line between Coos Bay and Eugene in 2009 after the Central Oregon and Pacific (CORP) shut down the Coos Bay line with no advance notice in 2007. The port is now operating the line as Coos Bay Rail Link (CBRL) with a fleet of second and third hand locomotives. 

As we drove on US101 through North Bend on our way to Florence, OR, we stopped at the CBRL office because Patricia saw locomotives from the road before me! While I took a few photos she grabbed Fish&Chips at The Boat, which is conveniently located right across from the CBRL office.
CBRL 1916, a GP38-3, is also tied down in the yard

The Oregon Coast Historical Railway Museum is right next to the rail yard. Looks like a work of love. Sadly nothing's going to move here again. The tracks in the museum have no connection to the yard rails.

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