Wednesday, April 12, 2006

capture card

I have a KWorld/V-Stream TV883DVR-Pro which I picked up at Fry's last year. So far used it only for straight video in from the camera. For MythTV I need the tuner working.

Installed Debian, switched to testing, got kernel 2.6.15 and the v4l-dvb snapshot from 01162006.
Added a new card definition based on my experiments from last year and a little bit wiggle here and there:

.name = "V-Stream 883DVR Pro TV",
.tuner_type = 39,
.radio_type = UNSET,
.tda9887_conf = TDA9887_PRESENT,
.tuner_addr = ADDR_UNSET,
.radio_addr = ADDR_UNSET,
.blackbird = 1,
.input = {{
.vmux = 0,
.gpio0 = 0x000004ff,
.vmux = 1,
.gpio0 = 0x000007fa,
.type = CX88_VMUX_SVIDEO,
.vmux = 2,
.gpio0 = 0x000007fa,
.type = CX88_VMUX_CABLE,
.vmux = 3,
.gpio0 = 0x000007f8,

I'm not sure if this is really a blackbird card, but it sure would be nice. The colors in tvtime are not 100% right yet, but it's much better than my experiments with the video4linux snapshot last year.

The card is working great with tvtime. No sound, though. However, in MythTV I can't get video buffers filled. whatever that means: "NVP: Timed out waiting for free video buffers." *sigh* It's getting late...

Looks like my card doesn't have a hardware MPEG2 encoder. Too bad.

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