Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Replay is dead!

Our ReplayTV 5080 is stuck at the "Please wait..." screen. Internet research indicates this means the OS image can't be read from the hard drive. Great. There are still 3 episodes of Prision Break on that hard drive that we need to watch...

l9ter's ReplayTV Upgrade Site was very helpful in finding a new software image. RTVPatch is a program to copy the image to a new hard drive. Just running RTVPatch on my Debian 3.1 system doesn't list any hard drives.

It's not the drive. I re-imaged to another drive after booting from the live CD from the rtvpatch site. Put that back into the ReplayTV, no dice. I noticed a LOT of dust in the cooling vents of the ReplayTV, so looks like we fried some part of the motherboard. Great.

On the upside, I was playing with MythTV over the weekend. My CX88 based capture card was at least partially recognized. I used it for capturing video via line-in from our camera for quite some time, but never bothered setting up the tuner. I'm going to put Debian 3.1 stable with the latest kernel in this box and see if the card gets recognized better. According to the cvs log there were lots of CX88 related V4L fixes in the last year. Also have to take a close look at my card, might be lucky and have a blackbird design in there. I seem to remember that this card is supposed to be able to do MPEG2 capture.

... and it would be kinda cool to play with MythTV more.

The drive is at least partially bad, when I tried to get the recorded episodes off the video partition, the whole system hung eventually.

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