Sunday, May 21, 2006

Addressing the heat problem with grumpy

Grumpy, my MythTV box, is running continously. The PVR-500 is running hot, the NVidia graphics card (fanless) is running hot, the CPU is running hot, the northbridge isn't exactly cool either, neither is the hard-drive.

When I first put this together, I used only the single fan that came with the case (Antec Overture). It's temperature controlled and with all the heat was quickly running at full speed after I closed the case, along with the associated noise. Even though it is a silent fan, it's not the most quiet around. I like the Coolermaster SAF-S84-E1. Virtually quiet.

I installed a fan next to the PVR-500 that blows air out of the case through the open expansion card slots. However, it didn't get enough air flow. So, I built another Coolermaster ultra-quiet fan in the 5 1/4" expansion slots:

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