Saturday, August 02, 2008

BR 86 and Ground

My digital BR 86 doesn't run very cleanly. Uwe's blog entry has a nice description of the problem, as well as my forum post. I tried the remedy today, but have trouble getting the wires connected properly to motor ground. Whenever I connect the wires to the ground screw on the motor shield the decoder stops accepting any commands. Need to try a bit more...


And I did try a bit more. Turns out that the screw on the motor shield is intended to connect the decoder ground to the chassis. It's not long enough to go trough the motor shield to the chassis if you squeeze in a cable because you are too lazy/scared to solder in tight quarters around the motor. Once I got over that, I soldered the cables straight on the existing solder spot and voila, the locomotive now runs just fine over those critical switches where it lost contact to ground before.

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