Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sky. Ramps. Station.

I'm busy in the train room building the approach to Emsingen, as well as the station itself.

The backdrop (well, really it's just the room wall) got a nice coating of blue, and the whole room looks a lot more friendly now. I still need to experiment a bit more with my cloud painting skills, but one out of three commentators did recognize what I was trying to convey with my "art".

Emsingen station is shaping up now, too. The ramp along the wall is installed and the circular ramp is taking shape now as well. I was quite worried about space and track clearance in this area, but it seems things are working out reasonably well, though it's all very tight. Building on 8 by 9 feet in HO does require compromises...

Finally, a shot that shows how much a difference just the addition of a blue wall makes to a photo.

The only actual scenery in this photo is the creek in the foreground. The rest is basically cork and naked plywood.


Elvis said...

mit leichten woelkchen am himmelblau sieht die eisenbahnlandschaft bedeutend freundlicher aus - vergiss die klilmaanlage nicht ;-))

Leo said...

Wie genau sollen denn die Wolken wirken? Zerfleddert, über den Himmel hinweg? Haufenwolken?

Schau doch mal hier:

Egal ob Aquarell oder nicht, die prinzipielle Logik und Vorgehensweise sollte eigentlich immer funktionieren.

Bernhard said...

Nass in nass ist klar. Ich benutze Wandfarbe, das geht auch ganz gut. Wie gesagt muss ich da vielleicht einfach noch etwas ueben, und mich mehr an Fotos orientieren, dann klappt das schon.

Ja, Zerfleddert. Was ich bisher habe ist zu regelmaessig.