Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Goodbye Cable TV. ... Goodbye Internet Service????

I canceled my residential Comcast Cable subscription yesterday, and specifically pointed out that I still have and want to keep my Comcast Business Internet service.

Dude on the phone: "I see only your Cable TV subscription here. Do you want to cancel that?"
me: "Yes, please"

Today my Internet Service is down, too.

I somewhat expected it to go down, given previous experience in dealing with Comcast. *sigh*

A technician is on the way to fix this. Supposedly, they should be here before 18:00.

The technician did indeed show up 10 minutes to 6. "Did you have Cable TV and cancel it?" - yes. "Well, yeah, this is not supposed to happen. They should leave our stuff alone, ..."
I'm up and running again.

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Patzi said...

Hat doch auch super geklappt. Alles lief wieder und er ist grad weggefahren, als Du kamst :-)