Saturday, November 13, 2010

Despicable Me

Yes, this is not exactly a new movie (it was released in July), but Tatjana and I had a great time.

Villain Gru fights for being the biggest villain of all, and 3 orphaned kids are key to accomplishing his master plan.

I loved the characters. Gru is a grumpy with a soft streak. Very nicely done. The minions supporting Gru in his underground shop are hilarious. And the kids, ... well, they are just too cute :-) I won't tell the story, go watch the movie yourself. This is great movie for kids, not too scary, quite some action, and very funny. The DVD will be out by the end of the month.

We saw it at BlueLight Cinemas 5 in Cupertino, which appears to be the only theatre in the South Bay still playing this delightful movie. BlueLight is in a somewhat run-down shopping area right next to DeAnza College on Stevens Creek. It's a really small complex, simple, and friendly. I like that a lot better than the big megaplex at e.g. Oakridge. The seats were comfy, the theatre clean, the floor not (!) sticky, and the sound volume was reasonable. I guess, no crowds also means that this theatre is probably just barely getting by. Too bad.

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Patzi said...

Wir hatten im Sommer die Vorschau gesehen und ich wollte mit den Kindern zusammen reingehen. Aber irgendwie geriet das in Vergessenheit. Ich glaube Kino gehen ist wirklich nicht auf unserer Prioritätenliste. Ich schau da nie, was grad kommt und ob das kommt, wo ich rein will.
Im Flugzeug hätten wir die Möglichkeit gehabt es anzuschauen. Vielleicht auf demRückflug, mal sehen