Sunday, November 07, 2010

I hate hard drives

This time the drive in the layout computer died. And the last backup has been a while ago. *sigh*

On the positive front, I build the fascia in the somewhat unusual place smack in the middle of the layout. Adding edges to the scenery nicely frames the three-dimensional picture we're building.


Steve Lacy said...

Wait, you didn't have 3 replicas in as many different PCR zones? Did replication fail? Maybe you have some corrupted tablets that you can recover.


I've been using either RAID1 or RAID5 on all my home systems for quite a while now, because of exactly these issues. It's fairly painless to transition from "non-raid" to RAID1 on linux. There are tons of guides. Or, just buy a Drobo?

Bernhard said...

yeah, yeah, turn the knife in the wound :-)

I do have mirrored drives on all server-like machines in the house. Raid1 is a little bit more involved on a laptop.

When it's rebuilt, I'll make it nfs-mount the home directory from another machine...