Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hanging "bridge"

Covering up another planning mistake...

When I built Talheim station I built a road underpass into the station board off layout. That worked and looked great until I started building the curve leading up to Emsingen. It had its widest point exactly where it met the portal of the road underpass. Whoops!

As I built up the basic scenery I modeled a rock "cave" at that point, the road runs under the railroad, and for the longest time I had a cardboard cut-out indicating where the bridge would go.

As the scenery is moving closer to that section of track, it's time to fix that.

Building the bridge wall
First test fit
 I used a 20 year old Faller plastic "build your own tunnel portal" strip, and a Heki foam wall sheet, eyeballed the length of the strip and cut a mostly balanced opening into the foam sheet. Then fitted the strip into the arch. There's a piece of styrene backing the foam for added stability. I used push pins on my work bench to hold the pieces together while the glue dries

I should have cut the sides of the foam sheet an angle instead of vertically to ease the transition into the surrounding terrain. The rather harsh edge I have now will need to be fixed and hidden away with Scuptamold, bushes, and ground cover at a later time.

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