Wednesday, March 21, 2012

There's always a First Time ...

This week it was:

Since we got to Heavenly too late for the morning lessons, I toyed around on a hill for a couple hours before lunch under supervision of Dave, and then spent the afternoon with the Heavenly ski instructor.

Since there were only four people in the group to start with, and two of them gave up halfway through the lesson, and the third one had to leave early, and the instructor met an instructor friend, who joined us for the last hour or so, I got private coaching from two instructors for the second half of the lesson. That was very nice, and more than made up for the slow pace of the first 90 minutes.

For those of you familiar with Heavenly:
I spent most of my time in the beginner's area near the tubing hill, and at the end took the Big Easy Chair Lift to Easy Street a few times until the lift closed.

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