Saturday, May 05, 2012

Making the road narrower

Narrower access road.
Well, this didn't quite come out the way I wanted.

Looking at the access road today, it feels like I'm building a German Autobahn through the Black Forest, or at least a major two lane highway. I contemplating ripping out the access road and starting over, but before I did that I traced a narrower one lane road on the existing shoulder and used a hobby knife to cut through the Scuptamold-tape-cardboard contraption along the edge of that narrow road. Next I simply cut off a few millimeters of material, straightened out the edge, and voila ... this looked much more like what I had in mind.

The first photo shows the new road after I made the cut and re-arranged the slope. The former edge of the road is half-way down the embankment now. The second photo shows the situation after patching up the cut with Scuptamold.

Embankment patched up.

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