Friday, May 04, 2012


While in Zurich my Dad gave me a great idea what to do about the access road to Steinlehof after it crossed Steinlebruecke. The elevation change between the forest in the background and the Steinle area on the other side of the tracks is  almost 2 inches, which would have resulted in a very step, odd-looking bridge.
Building up a shoulder along the hill for the Steinlehof access road
Instead, I built up a shoulder along the hill, which raises the access road to almost the same height as the forest. Since this doesn't have to support any weight, this is made from cardboard with some styrofoam bits underneath and covered in masking tape and Scuptamold.

Access road covered in Scuptamold

Looking north from Emsingen towards Steinlehof. In the back the Emsingen entry signal
When I filled in gaps around Steinlehof the last time, I left the building in place while the Scuptamold dried, which basically glued it in place. I didn't install lights, nor painted the building yet. Ooops.

Looking south on the dark side of Steinlehof. This view is only possible from camera
I managed to do touchups and paint the roof and most walls with the building in place. This took care of most of the plastic sheen and visible glue spots that bothered me. I will cut a hole from inside the hill to place some light inside the living area of Steinlehof.

Time to start thinking about a design for Steinlebruecke.

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