Friday, February 01, 2013

Digitrax DN143K2 in N Scale Kato RDC (part 2)

Today I cleaned up cabling on the RDC and some more test runs on the office layout.

Then it was time for putting the shell back on the chassis. ... without moving the light boards, or breaking any clips, or squeezing cables, or breaking anything else. After several attempts I finally managed to do this, with the chassis on the powered rail (so I see when I torque the light boards off the connectors), some gentle force (so I don't break anything else), plenty of swearing, some wiggle, and voila ... The shell is on.

This is actually a quite nice model. The inside light effect works ok, though ceiling mounted it would look better. In these photos I didn't yet put the engine cover back on, so the underbody is a bit bare.

I do like how headlight and rear lights change with direction. Quite neat.

So, ... what do I do with an RDC on a Timesaver module? This engine is made to go somewhere and come back. Preferably all by itself. That will be the topic of the next installment.

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