Friday, February 15, 2013

Tierstein South Portal

More making in the garage. Remember those cardboard cut-outs I mentioned before? Work is starting on the replacement.

I'm mounting the Heki wall section on a piece of hardboard to make it more rigid. I won't cut the roadbed for this "bridge". Instead I'll build the it around the exist track. This leads to a somewhat heavier appearance at the top of the arcs, but I prefer living with that rather than fiddling with the track above.

Test-fitting the wall piece. Yep, that's going to work.

Finally, I'm re-using an old Kibri tunnel portal from my Dad's layout for the south-portal of Tiersteintunnel. The black paper is mounted only on one side to allow for access from underneath. I made a bracket from hardboard so that the "tunnel walls" hold their shape.

Next up is figuring out how to blend together the tunnel portal and surrounding scenery.

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