Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Adventures in scratch building

Given that I'm only re-using three walls of the freight shed from Faller's Trossingen kit, and they make up less than half of the building, I'm basically scratch building the freight shed for Emsingen.

The shed as seen from the street.

... and the view from the tracks.

The lower wall is from the Trossingen kit. I cut off the original flat gable and added a sharper one.

Testing the effect with the card board roof.

... and the other side. I won't add a window in this wall.
The scratch build part will have loading doors as well, but I'll model them "closed", and glue them on top of the wall boards.  ... Oh, shoot! The sliding doors hang on the inside of the building. Sigh. Won't get around creating those wall openings.

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