Monday, February 10, 2014

Working on scenery again

Plaster is still wet
Now that he gap at the railroad crossing is closed, work has started on scenery north of Emsingen on a 3 inch wide strip between the track and the wall towards Welzbruecke and Hochwald. This will tie the northern edge of Emsingen to the already scenicked area of Hochwald.

This is a fairly diverse section involving a backyard garden, the edge of a small apple orchard, unkept gras areas, a walking path, deciduous trees, bushes, a small creek with waterfall, and transition to the existing trees of Hochwald.

I tried to facilitate hiding the edge of the town module by not making it a straight line

Bushes will cover the gap along the rock cut. There is a bit of masking tape to keep the wet plaster mix away from the respective section on the town module


Anonymous said...

I like the layout of the town and the way the buildings are so tightly squeezed against each other. It really is remarkable how tightly packed old German towns are.

Bernhard Beck said...

Indeed. Living in California, you really start to appreciate defined settlement boundaries and open space between them...