Monday, August 04, 2014

Turntable weathering

Weathered turntable pit
I spent more quality time with the turntable this weekend. On a whim I decided to try my hand at painting the circular rail and weathering the concrete floor of the pit. This turned out to be much easier than I expected. I used Polly Scale "Rust" for the rail, and "Roof Brown" for the ties, then weathered the rail and the pit floor with Bragdon black weathering powder, which hides minor inaccuracies from painting just fine.

I painted gully in Rust, then weathered it along with the pit floor. While the painted gully looked weird initially, after application of the weathering powder it all comes together quite nicely.

I painted and weathered everything with the bridge in one position, then turned it and worked on the remaining sections.
Paint the rail, then distribute some weathering powdir with a stiff brush.
Rub it in a bit with the brush.
And finish it off with an old toothbrush. It's important to vigorously massage the the powder into the surface to activate the glue in the weathering powder.
I'm really happy with how this came out. Compare to an earlier post that shows the turntable before weathering.

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