Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Talheim Controls

I've grown unhappy with the arrangement of the Talheim control panel and tonight decided to see if I can make the setup work better.

Back when I didn't have much more than the Intellibox and S88 feedback decoders, I built a shelf, mounted the decoders and the Intellibox on it, and that was it.

A few years later, things got a little bit more crowded.

The local panel for Talheim is in a somewhat awkward place, and still not properly fastened. There's quite a bit of dead space to the left and the right of the Intellibox, and I'd really like to put a UP5 panel along the frontedge of the layout.

The solution is to move the Intellibox a bit to the right, the local panel for Talheim to the left, and put the UP5 to the right of the Intellibox.

That seems to work better. Let's see if it actually is when I run trains the next time.

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