Saturday, October 10, 2015

Patio Roof Replaced

The patio roof is leaking. With all the rain in the forecast this winter, it was time to do something about that. Last weekend I picked up (almost) enough material to redo the roof. This is the second time I'm doing it. The previous time was soon after we moved into this place. However, 2 years later a several rafters in the wood framing over the patio needed replacement. The contractor building the new framing also reinstalled the roof. Let's just say they didn't do a stellar job putting the roof panels back together...

This morning Pascal and I got to work on taking off the old panels, and install new ones. We worked our way from left to right. By noon a few new panels are installed. I'm intentionally not taking off the old panels all at once to reduce wobble when walking on the patio roof framing.

The little cat is keeping me company throughout the day.

The lawn is collecting panels. Old ones on the left, new ones on the right.

At the end of the day I'm installing the last panel, and finished just in time before it got too dark to work outside on the roof safely.

Of course I did have to make a run to Lowe's in the middle of the afternoon, since I was one panel and a few closure strips short...

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