Sunday, October 11, 2015

Schrebergarten - Second garden

While finishing the first garden in June, I had run out of fences and didn't really want to fill the garden area before it could be properly delineated. Vacation, events, other projects, work, and summer in general got in the way, so I didn't return to working on the gardens until last weekend.

I painted and weathered enough fences to close the gap, and then started with the remaining vegetables from Busch's kit 1222, and some more Noch plants made from various fibers and foliage.
Contrary to the first garden, the second one was supposed to be well maintained and very neat.

Making and planting the vegetables takes forever, but isn't particularly hard. Once I was satisfied with the vegetable part of the garden, I enclosed the remainder with blue painters tape and made a nice dense lawn from Scenic Express' Late Summer static grass.

For the paths between the vegetable beds I used very fine N-scale ballast from Arizona Rock & Minerals. So far, so good. Now I need to wait for the glue to dry and test fit the gardens on the layout before making a couple fruit trees, and moving on to building the parking area, which also serves the adjacent loco shed.

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