Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Puzzle

Apparently I managed to convince my family that I enjoy doing puzzles and we all know I like trains. There must have been sufficient approving grunts while I was working on recent projects, so what better present to give me for Christmas than to combine these two?

Lovingly selected by my family, what's not to like about this 1000 pieces puzzle? I will probably go mad over the 100's of pieces with roughly the same color (pieces with white snow, or dark-blueish locomotive, or green-darkish sky), or roughly the same pattern (bare tree forest).

I started off with finding most edge pieces, and then moved on to form piles of "roughly the same color or pattern" pieces. Since the tracks are thankfully a very distinctive color, and conveniently disect like-colored/patterned parts of the picture, I chose to start the puzzle with the tracks. Besides, it's always fun to build tracks and put trains on them...

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