Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Welztalbahn: A few impressions ...

260 417 and 86 167 in the Emsingen engine servicing area
Tonight I continued the solo operations session I started a while ago.  After completing its work, 260 417 returned to the Emsingen servicing area where 86 167 is getting ready to take the last train of the day to Prechtal staging.

Earlier in the session 260 417 delivered a cut of cars to Talheim which still need to be distributed to their respective industry spots. I very much like the side-by-side view of advanced scenery and background work with stand-in cardboard low-relief buildings and unfinished walls in the photo below. This will be fixed in due time when I start work on the industrial district in Talheim.

A cut of cars sits on the siding in Talheim waiting for the Koef crew to start work

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