Saturday, January 02, 2016

Bearded Dragons: Grouting

We use sanded tile grout to give the styrofoam a very hard shell. So far the sanded grout hasn't developed any cracks. I'm hoping it stays that way. In above photo the base coat has been applied. The point of this coat is primarily to cover up the styrofoam all around and to make the whole thing a bit more rigid. The grout is mixed to the consistency of yogurt. It needs to go into all crevices and gaps. We mostly applied it with a brush.

Next up is a thicker layer of grout on all the walking surfaces. The idea here is to protect the structure from the claws of the bearded dragons. We mix the grout a bit thicker to roughly the consistency of sour cream.

We mostly use a spatula and wooden paint stir sticks to apply the grout.

The edges will get a thicker coat when the whole thing gets tipped over for the second coat of the rear wall. The rear wall's initial cover turned out to be a bit too thin and it's easy to rub off the grout, as can be seen near the basking spot in the photo below.

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