Thursday, January 14, 2016

Playing Tourist

It's my last evening in London. After my meetings of the day wrapped up, I decided that I needed to play a little bit more tourist.

I headed over to Kings Cross and track 9 3/4, but the line was long and I didn't want to wait, so I photographed some trains instead.

With that out of the way, I decided to head on the Circle line down to Tower Hill station and visit the Tower bridge. Spectacular, windy, and cold.

I was baffled when I walked on the bridge approach alongside the Tower, and noticed a group of foxes playing on the grass next to the Tower walls.

These are real foxes, though it's hard to photograph them at night with a smart phone.

Tower Bridge approach

Center span
The illumination of the bridge is very effective
Did I mention it was cold?
City and Tower


Patricia said...

Ooooh toll! Da habe ich Sehnsucht nach London!

Patricia said...

Oooooh toll. Da bekomme ich Sehnsucht nach London