Friday, March 18, 2016

Hallelujah Paper: I have space

One building arrangement
Rarely do you hear model railroaders exclaim "what do I do with all that space?" Usually, it's the opposite, trying to make the scene you are imagining work with the limited space you have. In the case of Hallelujah Paper at Silicon Valley Lines, today once again I realized how large the space I'm working with is.

I placed the paper machine building on the layout, as well as the power plant. What looked like decent-sized buildings on my dining room table that are too big for my home layout just gets gobbled up on the club layout. I'd like to create a somewhat cramped feeling with the older part of the plant, but that requires at least one more kit-bashed building of at least the size of the power plant. At the same time, I also want to feature the digester and associated piping prominently.

Another building arrangement
The track arrangement and how the mill is connected to the SVL main line make it a bit awkward to fill the area between the Finished Paper Warehouse, and the power plant. The challenge is to build a tank car unloading facility, that both fills the space I have for it, appears believable, and connects with the paper machine building in a visually interesting way.
I could move the digester tanks more to the left, past the right end of the paper making building, but that doesn't make much sense from the manufacturing process perspective, and creates very strange routing of the materials conveyor belt. Also, whatever arrangement I come up with still needs to provide an excuse for hiding the opening in the right hand side of the paper making building. Maybe instead of an additional building, put the digesters between power plant and warehouse, and route the conveyor belts into the back drop on the way to the wood chip storage area. ... That might work.

I should take another pass through Don's paper plant pictures for inspiration.

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