Saturday, March 05, 2016

Hallelujah Paper: Two buildings (almost) done

The power station was taped, wrapped, and prepped for spray painting the foundation walls. I think it came out quite nicely.

I lightly weathered the outside and installed lights. The lights are not particularly bright, so they might not be that useful after all if the room lights are on. And when the room lights are off, you can see them shining through the walls. Oh well.

Either way, the power station is ready to travel down to the club on Friday.

The paper making building was only missing its gravel roof. I used full-strength white glue, spread around with a finger and Woodland Fine grey blend ballast for the gravel.

Looks great!

While the gravel is drying, I weathered the vents and various blowers, that will go on the roof. Here's an example pre- and post-weathering.

Then catastrophe struck:
When I blew loose gravel off the roof, I noticed that the white glue was holding only a very thin layer of gravel in many places. Very anxious (because of previous experience) I carefully brushed a very thin layer of matte medium on the thin spots and applied more gravel. An hour later the roof started to warp in some places. The matte medium had penetrated the foamcore paper, and the roof started to disintegrate. I carefully applied some weight to the bulging roof paper (paint bottles are useful for many things), and I'm hoping that tomorrow morning the bulges are gone.

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