Saturday, March 04, 2017

Box car weathering

I weathered another box car for Silicon Valley Lines today. The sides got the usual treatment with a light overspray with white wash, application of pan pastels for rust spots, accentuate the ribs in the car body, as well as dirt and grime around the door mechanisms. A thin layer of soft dirt along the bottom edge simulates dirt and residue from the tracks.

For the roof I tried a technique from Pelle Soeborg's book "Done in a day", dusting rusty powders in wet varnish. I think I overdid it a little bit and should have feathered the varnish more. As is the edge of the rust is very clearly defined. Once I had the rust down, I weathered that up with brown, grey and a bit black pan pastels.

... and while at it, I did one more this evening to the "minimum standard".

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