Sunday, April 30, 2017

ET 420 312 (Maerklin 37501)

Maerklin's 37501 is a model of the ET 420/421 3-car unit as it ran at the start of the Stuttgart S-Bahn service in 1979. While I will set my planned rendition of the Murrbahn in 1972, the ET 420 will have a place on the layout and during operations. I spent way too much time in this train type during my college years to not model it.

I especially appreciated the pocket doors on the early train sets, which closed with a lovely "swooosh ... click" sound. The later series train sets used roller doors which closed with a "rrrrrrr BANG!", waking me up at every station stop. 10 times on the ride from Ludwigsburg to Stuttgart Vaihingen with a change of trains at Stadtmitte.
The roller doors replaced the pocket doors because the door pockets collected dust, grime, dirt, and in winter ice, making the doors prone to failure.

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