Thursday, April 27, 2017

The next victim

Maerklin's 46301 "Schwenkdachwagen" Tdgs-z is a nice looking car, but suffers from two fatal flaws for my purposes. It's Epoch V (i.e. after the merger of DB and DR to DB AG), and my layout is set in Epoch IV.
And the color. No life and looks totally plastic.  Which it is, of course.

These cars were used for transporting a variety of aggregate goods that should not get wet while in transit such as grain, sugar, or limestone. The roof swings open to the side for easy loading. The cars are unloaded using the chutes on the side. Since such cars are still quite new in the 1970's,  I'm planning to apply only light weathering, as well as some dirt and rain effect.

To fix the epoch, I will replace the DB AG logo with the Deutsche Bundesbahn "DB cookie". Since I have two cars, one will get a different number as well. I'm not planning to do other fixups, such as inspection dates. They are barely readable with a magnifying glass, it's not worth the trouble.

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