Wednesday, July 18, 2018


I finished the session Egbert and I started a month ago and the last few trains promptly found some more problems with tracks and locomotives. The layout is now littered with green tape, each indicating a problem to be fixed.

I also tackled one item from the cleanup list and mounted the switches for station and city lights under the fascia to free up the shelf intended for Emsingen paperwork to the right of the car card boxes. The switches are still easy to reach, but no longer take up any horizontal space.

Sadly, it appears that one of the Tam Valley QuadP turnout decoders died, or maybe it just doesn't like the heat today. It responds to local inputs, but not to commands from the DCC bus. Maybe it forgot its accessory address? I'll try to reprogram that tomorrow, but I'd find that very weird, since the programming of the turnout positions is still correct.

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